Jeff Digs Road Closures | Week of 05/10/21

  • Michigan Avenue will remain closed at Spring Street (traffic may access the museum from the intersection of 7th/Michigan Avenue) 
  • Wall Street will remain closed to thru traffic between 7th and Court  
    • The intersection of 7th/Wall and Court Avenue/Wall are both open 
  • Wall Street will remain closed to thru traffic between Maple and Chestnut  
    • The intersection of Maple/Wall is open 
  • Chestnut Street from Wall to Locust will remain closed to thru traffic 
  • Chestnut Street from Fulton to Graham will remain closed to thru traffic 
  • Minor disruption to parking/traveling public will be encountered at the following locations due to utility relocation work near the edge of the roadway:  
    • Southside of Chestnut at the intersection of Chestnut/Meigs and Chestnut/Mechanic 
    • Walnut Street from Chestnut to Market 
    • Chestnut/Locust intersection 
    • Chestnut/Walnut intersection 
    • Chestnut from Watt to Meigs 


  • Posted May 7, 2021 Stacie Polk 4:45 pm

    When will Thomas V Bryant Drives sidewalks and road be fixed completely

    • Posted May 11, 2021 Jeff Digs 8:52 am

      We currently have no plans for improvements to Thomas V Bryant’s pavement or sidewalks. Is there a particular concern that we need to address? I’d be glad to stop by and evaluate the area. -Andy Crouch, PE City Engineer

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