Jeffersonville's biggest wastewater conveyance project

Growing with Jeffersonville

Dubbed the Best City in the State of Indiana to raise a family, Jeffersonville’s small-town charm, vibrant downtown and thriving business landscape are drawing an unprecedented number of people from all walks of life to southern Indiana.
Our booming housing market and our commitment to education and the arts easily makes Jeffersonville one of the most dynamic cities in the area and we’re pleased so many people continue to invest their futures here.

Requirements for the Future

Jeffersonville has become a model for its downtown revitalization and for commercial and industrial growth. That’s because we have worked hard to ensure our infrastructure is conducive to progress – investing millions of dollars in streets and roads alone – making sure Jeffersonville is ready for the future.

The Jeff Digs Solution

We are dedicated to improving our community’s quality of life. Jeff Digs is one of the most extensive projects we have taken on in an effort to make sure Jeffersonville continues to thrive for generations to come. The Jeff Digs project is intended to efficiently revitalize our wastewater infrastructure and protect local waterways in the growing Jeffersonville community for the next 75 years.

Learn More About Jeff Digs

Riverfront at Jeffersonville
Jeffersonville Business
Jeffersonville Parks
Jeffersonville Business
Jeffersonville Parks

About Jeff Digs

Jeff Digs is the city’s solution to Downtown Jeffersonville’s Combined Sewer Overflow problems.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has required the City of Jeffersonville to control the sewer overflows to the Ohio River and this project will do just that.

When are We Digging?

February 2021
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January 2022
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Where are We Digging?

Jeff Digs Route Map
Jeff Digs Route Map


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